Apple ber Farming

Apple Ber Plants

Apple ber Farming

Apple Ber is the Urdu name for the fruit of the tree Zizyphus vulgaris, or Mauritania or sativa and is called the jujube berry in English. It is also known as the Indian jujube or Chinese date. Apple Ber is a Thailand variety ber. The taste of this ber is very sweet. The weight of each plum is about 100-200gm. It looks similar to green apples. That is why seed is known as apple plum. This kind of plant starts giving fruits after 6 months. It gives fruits twice in a year. Plums are produced mainly from September to January. This tree gives 25-30kg fruits during the first year and in the second year gives 40-45kg fruits. It is a new variety of fruit in the present market and it is attractive too. In the big cities of India, these fruits can be sold.

We have Apple Ber Plant’s 3 verity which is

1)Green Apple Ber Plants                                                                                                                                                  This Verity apple ber plants is very profitable and large scake farming verity.This verity is very popular and

Apple ber fruit

every people like this verity fruit. Commercial farming’s best verity is Green Apple Ber Plants. Get fruit first year 25 to 30 Kg per plant, second year you get fruit 40 to 45 kg per plant. Average fruit size is 100 to 250 gm.If you need to farming then we recommend please farming this verity apple ber plants.

2)Red Apple Ber Plants.

  Firstly i tell you that this is the show plants because this plant is looking very nice.This fruit is also nice.This fruit size is maximum 20 to 30gm.First year you get fruit 5kg per plants.Second year you get fruit 10 to 15 kg per plants.

3)Coconut Apple Ber Plants                                                                                                                                            One of the apple ber’s verity is coconut apple ber plants.This fruit is not good as green apple ber fruit.This plant’s fruit size is medium average size is 70 to 120gm. First year you get fruit 10-12kg per plant and second year you get fruit 15-20kg per plant.This plant’s longevity is 10 to 12 year.

     The fruit has been used in traditional medicine as an emollient, expectorant, coolant, anodyne and tonic and has been used as an antidote for aconite poisoning. It is given to relieve abdominal pains during pregnancy and can be applied to wounds when used in a poultice.

Other Details:

Soil: Grows on a wide range of soils ranging from shallow to deep and from gravelly and sandy to clay.

Climate: For best production, this fruit crop requires hot and dry climatic conditions. The Ber fruit crop tolerates high temperature and aridity by cessation of growth, leaf fall and dormancy stage.

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